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K1X clothing for men @KICKZ

The story of K1X started in 1993 in Munich, Germany, when a few local streetball players got together to sell T-shirts from the back of ​​a pick-up truck. Following unprecedented success, K1X went from strength to strength but always remained inspired by basketball lifestyle and more precisely, its experience of the streetball lifestyle. Since that time during the early 90s K1X has stuck to its guns and has continued to produce all its clothing with the needs of basketball players in mind.

Shoes and clothing for men by K1X

One of the biggest milestones for K1X came in 2002, when they launched their first basketball trainers, the Chiefglider. The trainers’ distinctive K1X design was an instant hit with basketball fans but they took it a step further when they released the Anti-Gravity. The Anti-Gravity got massive publicity when James "Flight" White wore them at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Besides shoes, K1X is also known for its men’s clothing. The Nation of Hoop remains the cornerstone of all K1X’s men’s clothing and has the motto of: "By ballers for ballers” for a reminder that everyone at K1X knows and loves the sport. When K1X has motifs on its men’s clothing, you can be sure that they’re going to have been inspired by the court in one way or another.