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Rocawear clothing for men @KICKZ

Rocawear was in a pretty unique position when it was launched in 1999, not only did it have Jay-Z and Damon Dash steering it forward, but it also had their record label, Roc-A-Fella records as a launching pad. The brand all started out when Jay-Z noticed that his fans were all donned in his favourite brand, Iceberg. Seeing that he was starting a movement he approached the brand and suggested a collaboration but as he’d only sold about 40,000 records at the time, they showed him the door. Soon after, equipped with 3 sewing machines, Rocawear set out to take over the streetwear industry as well as the music industry. Today, in terms of fashion, there’s a wide range of Rocawear clothing for men, women and kids.

Rocawear: successful clothing and accessories

After getting some advice from Russell Simmons, the founder of Def Jam and Phat Fashions, Jay-Z enlisted the help of some investment and the brand was born. Rocawear was quick to take its place amongst the most successful street brands and mixed inspiration from sports like basketball with smart innovations in fabrics and design. Although the band started out with men’s clothing, Rocawear soon expanded into women’s and children’s clothing.