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Urban Classics clothing for men @KICKZ

Urban Classics clothing for men is kind of special: the brand came from a boredom of the stereotypical hip-hop world of bling and overtly street-style printed T-shirts. They took a different look at hip-hop culture and pulled from it a certain style that is more understated than many of its other counterparts that are inspired by urban lifestyle. Urban Classics specialise in characteristic designs that don’t go out of fashion; they even keep their logo small and modest, for example on clothing items for men.

Urban classics men’s clothing for everyone

One of the greatest things about Urban Classics clothing is that everyone can rock the look; they manage to pick out certain aspects of hip-hop culture running from the 70s all the way to today in a way that matches everyone’s individual style. This hybrid gives Urban Classics men’s clothing a sleek look that is still true to the street style.
Check out KICKZ’ range of Urban Classics men’s wear for jackets, T-shirts, caps and everything else to go with an iconic street style.