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Jumpsoles for men - The latest hype

Never heard of them before? Don't worry, we'll fill you in! jumpsoles are weighted platforms, which can be attached to your trainers. The user practises jumping with his heels off the ground for a short time period of about 20 minutes. These exercises greatly help to build fast -twitch muscle fibres, which are the key to developing quickness as well as explosive power. Thus, your thigh and calf muscles are strengthened and your vertical leap is significantly improved. Test this revolutionizing training method for yourself, boost your jumping skills and order your jumpsoles for men at KICKZ Online Store!

Jumpsole platforms for men - Jump like a pro!

Imagine increasing your jump height by 15cm! Pretty awesome right? With this new basketball training tool you can highly enhance your skills and impress your co -players! Apart from jumping there are many other exercises you can intensify by wearing jumpsole platforms such as weight as well as power drills. However, in order to be able to see and feel the results of the training after 6 -8 weeks you should use your full power and do your best in every jump. By adopting a smart exercising schedule you effectively improve your basketball skill set and facilitate optimal athletic development.
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