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Men's polo shirts @KICKZ

At the present time it is hard to imagine basic wardrobe without polo shirts, this garment is loved by almost everyone. But have you ever wondered how polo shirts for men became so popular? 19th century - it’s when the story of this garment started. As can be seen from its name, the polo shirt was originally associated with the polo game. At that time the polo shirts was not so comfortable to wear and had long sleeves, but it became very popular among tennis players. The polo shirt as we know it now was created by René Lacoste, a popular tennis player, in 1926. He gave the shirt a new life - glorious and fashionable.

Polo shirts for men: noble elegance of the casual costume.

Men's polo shirts became extremely popular among not only professional sportsmen, but also ordinary people in the second half of the 20th century. The fame of polo shirts was significantly growing since the early 1980s. Men's polo shirts are known for their fine style, comfortable and stretchable clothing and simple, but cool design. It can be easily combined with different clothings in casual style - for example with loafers, sneakers, jeans and capris. Do not forget to add several accessories to complete your classy outfit!