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Men’s shirts – look out for classic fashion items

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Men’s shirts – look out for classic fashion items

Men’s shirts have been around as long as fashion has been a thing. The reason for that is that they’re diverse. Although one shirt probably isn’t massively different to the next one, the subtle differences completely change the shirt and the look that goes with it. Everything from the cut of a men’s shirt, to its collar to the colour all change where the shirt can be worn and whom the shirt best suits.

Matching your style to a shirt can be simple. For instance, a plain, understated shirt goes well with a classic look with muted colours like black or grey whereas a chequered shirt goes well with blue jeans and boots. For the summer months, short sleeve shirts can be paired up with light trousers and even shorts for a still more casual look.

Check out KICKZ’ collection of men’s shirts from Stussy, Obey, Ecko, Dickies and many more to match your unique style. Whatever the occasion, be it work, party or just chilling, find the right men’s shirt for you.