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Men's Shooting sleeves – The basketball stars’ favourite!

People argue whether basketball players wear the popular shooting sleeves for regulatory, medical or ritualistic reasons. The best answer is probably a combination of all three. Iverson was the first to wear the iconic sports gear during the NBA season 2000/2001 after an elbow surgery. The arm sleeves lowered the chance of further arm injuries, as they kept his muscles warm and flexible in the games. Others think that he was covering his arm tattoos as they were against the league regulations. Many other basketball players started to copy Iverson, irrespective of what his actual main purpose was.

Men's basketball sleeves - Sport in style!

The basketball sleeves further developed and are considered to be a true basketball gear essential today. Additional arm protection was given by adding padding. Moreover, the sleeves were available in a large variety of colours and designs, giving the players room to express themselves by making fashion statements with their arm sleeves. The two famous pioneers of this trend, namely Bryant and Wade, made the sleeves so prominent that the trend spilled over into other sports too. Join the hype and get your men's shooting sleeves from KICKZ Online Store now!