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Shorts and bermudas for men

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Shorts and bermudas for men by KICKZ

Men’s shorts have recently experienced a resurgence in the fashion world and the choice has dramatically grown. The choice of men’s shorts, Bermuda’s, skate shorts, short shorts etc. is ever growing and it seems any design is okay. Since 80s and 90s style has come into trend, football style short shorts, that remind you of the big moustaches and bad haircuts, are firmly in fashion. While this is going on, big patterned shorts, long boarding shorts and plane coloured, below the knee shorts are also in style. It seems there’s no rules to shorts any more, it’s more an issue of what fits your style best.

Acceptance of shorts

Men’s shorts are becoming more acceptable as formal wear and with the right colour, cut and material, shorts can definitely be matched with shirts – especially short sleeve summer shirts. Other shorts were created to be matched with chilled out styled T-shirts while others are made solely for sport.
Whatever the purpose, look to KICKZ to kit you out with the best men’s shorts to fit your style. Take a look at the collection of Champion, K1X, Dickies, Converse and loads of other shorts for men to find what best suits you for the warm months.