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Men's Snow wear - Gear up for Winter vacay!

You simply cannot wait to go on skiing or snowboarding holiday either? Nothing beats a nice get-away during the frosty and wet winters. Escaping into the sunny mountains is a great chance for you to get some fresh air and exercise while greatly enjoying yourself. In case you don't have your own snowboard or skies you can easily rent them. However, you still need stylish men's snow wear to make your outfit complete. Catch everybody's attention on the slope with your patterned boarder pants and a vivid jacket!

Men's ski clothing - The fashionable sports gear

In the early days, people simply wore warm outerwear such as oversized knitted jumper for skiing. The sport was still young and far from being commercialised, thus the strong focus was on skill. Slowly, the first skiing resorts began to form and people started to care about ski clothing; style and function were the key! Starting with jeans combined with flashy neon jackets and onesies in the 1980s, snowboarders newly introduced baggy boarder pants and colourful skater lable jackets to the scene, looking fashionable and vibrant on the slope. Be a trendsetter and get your men's snow wear now at our KICKZ Online Store!