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Hoodies for men

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Hoodies for men by KICKZ

Looking at those that made hoodies famous it’s easy to see why they’re now so ingrained in our culture. From the original skateboarders, to graffiti artists, break-dancers, hip-hop artists and even Rocky Balboa, men’s hoodies have been the choice clothing for some of the biggest influencers in street fashion since the 1970s.

For training in cold days, hoodies can be your best friend; not only are they comfortable, but they keep you warm and dry too. The journey to and from the basketball court seems so much more tempting and those outdoor hoops don’t seem impossible. If it’s just jogging that you’re in to, a hoody is possibly the most comfortable thing you can wear.

Men’s hoodies aren’t just for playing sport. Let’s face it, more than half the time you end up watching sport outdoors it’s either raining or cold. There’s nothing like wrapping up in a hoodie to fight off the rain, wind and snow.

KICKZ carries a massive range of men’s hoodies. At KICKZ, you’ll find plain, simple hoodies for every day wear, some for skating, NFL and NBA hoodies and a host of hoodies built for street wear. Whatever the style of men’s hoody, you’ll find it at KICKZ.