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Mitchell & Ness

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Mitchell & Ness by KICKZ

The sportswear company Mitchell & Ness was founded in Philadelphia in 1904. With founders Frank P. Mitchell and Charles M. Ness, a former tennis and wrestling champion and a golf fanatic respectively, the love of sports was the lifeblood of the brand. Initially Mitchell & Ness focused on their passions and specialised in tennis rackets and golf clubs. Before long, however, they started working with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and secured exclusive licenses for the Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League and National Hockey League. Producing jackets, jerseys and caps for these leagues, Mitchell & Ness became the face of fashion for national sports in America.

Mitchell & Ness - Authentic sports apparel

For over one hundred years, Mitchell & Ness has triumphed over sportswear, developing a cult fan following along the way. As the holder of the exclusive rights to Michael Jordan’s original jersey, and many other sporting greats and teams, the brand has continued to uphold their legend status. Focusing now on retro designs and vintage styles, Mitchell & Ness is resurrecting their most famous and successful sporting apparel. Staying true to their original vision, the fashion house is still producing for the true sports enthusiast. At KICKZ we share that ideal and feature a wide range of Mitchel & Ness for the avid fan. Trends come and go, but a love of sports is timeless.