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Napapijri @KICKZ

The Napapijri brand started back in 1987 as a manufacturer of waxed canvas bags called the Bering Bag. Starting up in Aosta, Italy, just a stone’s throw from Mount Blanc, the brand naturally focussed on innovative and stylish outdoor wear. Soon after, in 1990, Napapijri products branched out into clothing accessories and introduced the Skidoo jacket, designed for extreme temperatures and difficult weather conditions. Later, in 2004, the company was sold to VF Corporation, which includes an incredible roster of outdoor brands such as: Eastpak, Timberland, Vans and The North Face.

The main focus for Napapijri’s products was originally on the production of hardy bags and ski clothing but it soon became clear that their real strength was in sportswear and outdoor clothing for men. Always a believer in innovation and moving forward, Napapijri’s next advance was to enter the world of children's and women's clothing which today takes up a large percentage of their products. The company now produces everything from windbreakers, t-shirts, shirts and trousers as well as swimwear and accessories (including glasses!). Now, few brands can claim to cover as many different outdoor sports and pursuits as well as Napapijri products have managed to do.

A brand made for adventure

>>> mehr InfoAn Italian brand with a Finnish name and a Norwegian flag can only spell one thing: adventure. Born a short distance from the Alp’s highest mountain, Mount Blanc, Napapijri grew out of a love for exploring and a call for innovative backpacks and technical bags for demanding travellers. The very name Napapijri means "arctic polar circle”, a name that conjures up images of endless snow, mountains and bright blue skies – an idyllic scene for those that are prepared for it. Napapijri has always believed in using innovation in its designs and pushes for the highest quality gear for those that wish to push themselves further.
br>The selection of Napapijri products at KICKZ is designed for those explorers that are ready to endure whatever is thrown at them, as well as those that love the street styles of the brand. With a collection of outdoor coats as well as joggers and hoodies, we’ve got all possibilities covered.