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New Balance Sale @KICKZ

New Balance has over 100 years’ history making shoes that build on innovation. This technology is designed to create a better fit and more support than their competitors. The original idea for New Balance came from the unlikely inspiration of a chicken’s foot. The brand’s creator, William Riley, saw that having three points of contact created far better stability than the standard two.

New Balance Arch Support Company

The brand continued to lead with new ideas and released the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole in the 1960s, the ‘Trackster’. Being at the centre of the jogging boom during the 1970s, New Balance committed themselves to keeping up with the needs of the everyday athlete by dramatically expanding their range. Not only did they create a vast number of colourways but they also produced shoes for a wider foot. This decision cemented the company’s place in footwear and earned the respect of countless athletes.

Our New Balance sale shoes help athletes reach their full potential for the most competitive prices. New Balance are the trainers of choice for many athletes that train on the road, track and field. This is largely because of their innovative technology and unique styles. Whether they’re for sport or the street, New Balance have the trainers to fit every style.

New Balance Sale Trainers

The New Balance sale at KICKZ is packed with trainers from one of the world’s most well renowned shoe designers and manufacturers. You can be sure to find tonnes of colourways for men, women and kids. KICKZ don’t believe in outdated, out of fashion sales so you are sure to find the freshest models in the New Balance sale. To celebrate our New Balance sale, here’s a few facts you probably didn’t know:

- New Balance’s founder, William Riley, emigrated from England to the US in 1906. Nowadays, his company produces trainers in both the UK and the US.

- New Balance started as a foot support company and sold their products for the same price as a standard pair of shoes. The company has stuck to their principals of quality ever since.

- Here one for the ballers – New Balance’s first basketballs shoes, the Pride 480, were worn by Boston Celtic’s M. L. Carr during the 1970s.