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Nike Air Jordan 1, full of technology

Michael Jordan’s NBA rookie year landed him a jersey with the Chicago Bulls, but also gained the attention of Nike and a 2.5-million-dollar contract. Jordan would go on to the NBA playoffs and score 63 points against the Celtics, which put any doubt about the newcomer’s talent to rest, and must have helped someone at Nike sleep a little easier after what could have been a risky decision.

When the Nike Air Jordan was released, it might not have had the same level of technology that it has today, but for its time, the compressed air pocket in the heel and the overlay on the toe were all it needed to be a hit. Over the years, the shoe evolved with the advancement of technology, but unlike many of its counterparts, the Nike Air Jordan always stayed true to its roots.

Over the years, the Nike Air Jordan has had more time on TV than some A-list celebrities. From the 1st episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it was obvious that Will Smith was a fan of these trainers, but their most powerful endorsement had to be the 1996 classic, Space Jam.
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Nike Air Jordan 1

The Nike Air Jordan is universally recognisable and has solidified its place in history just like Michael Jordan himself. Here’s a couple of facts about the iconic shoe:

When the Nike Air Jordan 1 was first released, Jordan was fined $5,000 every time he wore them on the court as they went against the NBA’s uniform policy.

The Jumpman logo that first appeared on the Nike Air Jordan 3 was actually a ballet move that Jordan was asked to perform during a staged photo shoot. If you look carefully, he’s using his left hand, not his right.

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