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Nike Air Max 270

The new Nike Air Max 270 with its eye-catching air bubble attracts everyone's attention. Nike has always been known for its unusual sneaker design, but with the Nike Air Max 270 the brand creates something very special: The heel element of the shoe consists of a giant air cushion, which not only gives it a fresh look, but also makes it very comfortable to wear. It is the largest air element of the whole Air Max series. Fans are enthusiastic about the lightness, the perfect fit and the extremely pleasant running feeling of the shoes. With the Nike Air Max 270 it shows once again: Nike has the ability to perfectly combine design and technology. Meanwhile, the Nike Air Max 270 is available in numerous colorways and versions - from the classic mesh version and Flyknit to the noble leather version. But they all have one thing in common: they are already approaching cult status.

The perfect everyday sneaker

The Nike Air Max 270 was designed by Nike exclusively as a lifestyle shoe. Sure, you can wear them for sports, but only in everyday life do the Nike Air Max 270 show what they can really do. An absolute eye-catcher is the remarkable air cushion at the heel, which is visible through 270 degrees. Not only does it look good, it also cushions and stabilizes your foot perfectly. With its 32 mm high air cushion the sneaker provides a wonderfully soft feeling when running. The sole is also made of dual-density foam: the soft foam on the inside ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. At the same time, the solid foam on the outside stabilizes your foot while running. Additional support is provided by the upper and the sock-like design. The Nike Air Max 270 does it all: clubbing, adventure holidays, hours of shopping and everything else you can imagine.

Futuristic optics with retro charm

The design of the Nike Air Max 270 was influenced by two famous Nike models : the Air Max 93 already had a 270 degree air cushion, but this was not as striking as the Air Max 270. The second inspiration for designer Dylaan Raasch and his team was the Air Max 180. Even then you could see the air cushion from below through a transparent material. Both models seem to have pleased Nike so much that the brand picked them up again to create the unique Nike Air Max 270. The result is a futuristic sneaker with retro throw-backs.

Nike Air Max 270 at

Nike Air Max 270 – maximum style with retro appeal

Modern style and retro chic, how does that fit together? What sounds weird at first, the Nike Air Max 270 creates in an impressive way. The design is based on the classic models of the 90s. On the other hand, the focus is clearly on the stunning look. The Nike Air Max 270 uses familiar elements to create a unique look. It is perfected by the eye-catching air cushion at the heel and gives the sneaker a very special vibe with its slightly transparent material.

Advantages of the Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 has really excited us. That's why we have briefly and succinctly summarized all the highlights of this cult sneaker for you:

- High levels of comfort due to the largest ever air cushion

- Lightweight yet high-quality materials

- Flexible grip thanks to dual density foam in the sole

- Breathable upper material

- Futuristic look

- Numerous colorways for your personal look