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Nike Air Max 97

If you can remember the launch of the first Nike Air Max 97, you were probably out of nappies by 1997. Because this was the year that Nike released its first running shoe to the market – which means it celebrates its 20th birthday in 2017. Nike made the most of the occasion by relaunching the ’97 shoe at the end of 2016, to the great joy of fans: At last, these trainers – which, with their iconic streamlined shape, are still totally in fashion – are once again available to the public. Incidentally, designer Christian Tresser copied the aerodynamic silhouette from the Japanese “Shinkansen”, colloquially known as bullet trains. The original “Silver Bullet” colourway included various shades of reflective grey and was a real eye-catcher. Even today, the Nike Air Max 97 is a genuine symbol of speed and athletic elegance.

Nike Air Max 97 at KICKZ

Nike Air Max 97 – the story continues

As soon as it was launched, the Air Max 97 proved to be an immediate hit. Not only was it ultra-modern, it was also highly versatile. It gained popularity amongst all of society, from manual workers to DJs to fashionistas. With its slender shape, streamlined design and air pocket along the entire length, these trainers captured the zeitgeist of their time – and continue to do so to this day. Further standard features such as the rope laces and the triple uppers support the high recognition factor of the Nike Air Max 97. Today, the trainers are available with a range of different uppers – leather, mesh or knit, and more – as well as in different colourways. Besides the original Silver Bullet, which features a red Swoosh on its grey upper, the Air Max 97 is also popular in Metallic Gold. This gives Nike plenty of reason to release its retro model in this colourway too.