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Nike Cortez at

Nike Cortez

Glad to have you back, Nike Cortez! The Nike Cortez is perhaps the most timeless and classic sneaker ever launched . And now, finally, there is a new edition of this classic. With its Retro-Look, it inspires the fashion scene and is celebrated for its adaptability and its everlasting design. What we especially love about Nike Cortez is its elegant simplicity and the high-quality materials from which it is made - depending on the model, a combination of leather, suede and nylon. This not only makes it hard-wearing, but also gives the foot an elegant and sporty shape. The full-length foam sole is robust, flexible and provides high wearing comfort - whether on asphalt or on tougher terrain. This makes the Nike Cortez the perfect companion in all sports and everyday situations.

Run Cortez, run!

When you hear the name Nike Cortez you immediately think of one of the most iconic movies of all time: Forrest Gump! Considerable screen time during the Academy Award winning movie made this running shoe pioneer of 1972 even more popular than it already was. Worn by one of the greatest characters in movie history, the Nike Cortez became an icon in pop- & sports history.

„Run Forrest, Run!“ - Originally developed for athletes, the Cortez quickly became the darling of the public. Its vintage silhouette has not changed a bit during the decades, the outer herringbone sole and the reinforced lacing bar are just like back in the day. Only the colorways have changed considerably. There are literally hundreds of possibilities now to color coordinate your favorite piece of clothing with a matching Cortez.

Looking at the shoe Forrest just could not say `NO´ and to this day there is no reason not to integrate this shoe into your own collection.Timeless, plain, comfortable and durable enough for marathons – this sneaker is a must-have in our book!

Return of an icon

The original designer of Nike Cortez was none other than Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike. He wanted to develop a running shoe that was robust and comfortable and suitable for long runs and training sessions. That was something no other shoe could do back then. Just in time for the Olympic Games in the summer of 1972, the Nike Cortez came onto the market. It was worn by the track and field athletes of the US team, amongst others, and quickly became very famous. It was the first athletic shoe ever to be bought in stores , and instantly became an absolute bestseller: already in the very first year, the Nike Cortez sold 800,000 units. It was worn for sports or just for hanging out, and has been shaping the style of several generations for almost 50 years.

Nike Cortez at

The Nike Cortez conquers our hearts

In recent years, old Nike sneaker models have repeatedly made their comeback onto the fashion scene. But hardly any are surrounded by as much retro vibe as the Nike Cortez. As an ‘it’ piece, it can be found more and more often on fashion blogs or instagram feeds. The cult sneaker is not only stylish, but equally comfortable and durable due to its high-quality leather components, the reinforced sole in the heel area and the typical serrated Herringbone profile. There is a large selection of different models of the Nike Cortez, ranging from discreet colors to gaudy eye-catchers and playful patterns. In sum, you will definitely find a shoe that suits you.

The Nike Cortez was the first athletic shoe ever to be sold in stores. It became a real icon among athletic shoes. But there was something else that contributed to his fame: the Nike Cortez experienced their undisputable high point when they were featured in the Oscar-winning film "Forrest Gump". There they were on the feet of Tom Hanks, who ran with his shoes across all the American states. Since then, the success of the Nike Cortez has been unbroken and marks an important milestone in the history of the Nike brand.