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The Nike Internationalist, a cult classic

The Nike Internationalist was one of the seminal shoes to come from Nike and is now a cult classic and a retro gem. Starting its life in 1982 the shoe was first marketed as a long distance running shoe and piggybacked on the 1982 New York Marathon – in particular Alberto Salazar who wore the shoes and came first place. In the same year, Nike launched their first TV advert which bragged about their high-tech, running research department and proudly showed Salazar winning the marathon.

The shoe got an unexpected boost in popularity when Anthony Michael Hall wore a pair of Nike Internationalist in 80s classic, The Breakfast Club. Hall’s character was a typical nerdy teenager and a startlingly affective fashion icon.

In 2014 the Nike Internationalist got a new lease of life in a relaunch. The rerelease kept true to the 80s style while bringing the shoe up-to-date. The idea of the shoe is to be comfortable and stylish. It is available in the classic colourways as well as brave new designs.
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Nike Internationalist

Being around since the early 80s, the Nike Internationalist has been around for a fair amount of time. Here’s a couple of things about the retro classic that has helped solid its place in history:

Back in 82, Alberto Salazar wore a pair of Nike Internationalist when he became first in the New York Marathon.

Brian in The Breakfast Club propelled the Internationalists to cult fame when he famously donned a pair.

The Internationalists featured in Nike’s first ever TV advert.

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