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Nike LeBron

When Nike offered 18-year old LeBron James his own line of trainers and a 90-million-dollar contract, they took a massive risk. Nevertheless, the rest is history. Here are a few fun facts about the Nike LeBron you probably don’t know:

The original Nike LeBron 1 was based on James’ Hummer that his mum bought him during high school.

In 2015, James signed a lifetime deal with Nike which was the largest single athlete deal in the company’s history.

Nike LeBron at KICKZ

Nike LeBron - your favourite a basketball's signature shoe

The Nike Air Zoom Generation, aka the Nike LeBron James 1, has been one of the world's most popular shoes sold by any ball player. Yet when the Nike LeBron sneaker launched, Nike was waking its chances with with James himself, as the rookie had yet to earn his stripes.

The words that kicked off basketball's Nike LeBron Generation were: “We will design you the most comfortable basketball shoe you have ever worn”. And that’s exactly what lead designer Aaron Cooper did. He identified LeBron as the modern athlete that he was - one with freakish speed and abnormal strength - and used that inspiration to create the Nike LeBron Signature shoe. A shoe that was strong and agile enough to keep up with the king of basketball.

A Nike leader who illustrated LeBron's confidence was Eric Avar, the man who changed the public perception of low-tops on the court. He and the creator of the Nike Air Max, Tinker Hatfield, were drafted in to help Cooper make the Nike Zoom. The result: James LeBron trying the shoes on, jumping a few times and famously stating: “these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn”.