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Nike Roshe

The Nike Roshe is one of the latest additions to the Nike catalogue, but its popularity has become so great so quickly that it’s safe to say it’s going to be a classic. Here are a few fun facts:

The sole of the shoe is based on a Zen master’s Zen garden – each of the grip sections represents a rock in the garden.

The original colourway, iguana, is meant to represent the green moss of a Zen master’s garden.

The Nike Roshe was going to be called Roshi, which is the title given to Zen masters, but for legal reasons they had to swap the I for an E.

Nike Roshe at KICKZ


Nike Roshe and its relation to Zen

The Nike Roshe was designed by Dylan Raasch in 2010 and took a total of two years to hit the shelves. Originally the idea was too out there and was rejected, but Raasch decided to work on the project in his spare time. This meant that he had no limitations and could do what he wanted.

Raasch is heavily into his meditation, and that influenced the shoe in almost all aspects. From the name of the shoe, which is derived from "Roshi” (Zen master), to the original green colour, which symbolises the green moss of a Zen garden, the Nike Roshe is all about meditation. One of the quirkier hidden facts about the Nike Roshe is that the sole is meant to mimic a freshly raked stone garden.

The Nike Roshe is one of the most diverse trainers ever to be created, and it was designed to be worn in any way – socks, no socks, jeans, shorts, whatever. The key behind this versatility is the simplicity of the design, and that’s what makes it so perfect.