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Nike tech knit

In both its form and function, Nike Tech Knit gear is the pinnacle of modern knitwear and matches style with unprecedented comfort and durability for the most intense situations.

A unique blend of cotton and nylon means that Nike Tech Knit products are prepared to take on the elements and offer an airy yet warm sweater feeling and are breathable in all the right places.

A wide range of apparel for a wide range of wearers – the Nike Tech Knit collection encompasses an enormous selection of quality garments for nearly any situation.

Specially engineered and optimised – these products are all designed by a team of engineers, computer specialists, and other experts to create a diverse, progressive and highly advanced line of apparel.

Nike tech knit bei KICKZ

Building the Nike Tech Knit line

The highly advanced Nike Tech Knit range of products was designed to be both innovative as well as stylish and practical, and few companies can pull this off as well as Nike can. Epitomising the pinnacle of sportswear craftsmanship, the high-quality materials are breathable yet still maintain warmth when it is needed most. Padding has been added in places that require more ventilation, and less in places that don’t, allowing for a garment that reacts to your situation and keeps you feeling comfortable at all times no matter how much the temperature inside or outside may change.

Excellent for those on the go, the Nike Tech Knit collection has been engineered with your movements in mind. Highly mobile, flexible and durable, the expertly crafted fabrics are created by a large, interdisciplinary team dedicated to providing only the finest in progressive, state of the art materials. Each piece is finished by hand, ensuring high standards with the utmost in quality control. A wide range of stitching techniques and textures underscores the variety and versatility of the Nike Tech Knit line.
Order your new Nike Tech Knit apparel online here at KICKZ and feel the difference in comfort and style that only Nike can provide.