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Official @KICKZ

Official Crown of Laurel was founded in 2007 by Jason Maggio in Sacramento, California. From the beginning, the young brand specialized in caps and hats. They had discovered a market niche that they filled perfectly with their mix of skatewear, streetwear and DIY fashion. Due to the company’s small size and the local production in California, Official was able to react quickly to current trends. Every 2 weeks, three new styles were the rule rather than the exception in this brand. Official's caps and hats became collector's items, similar to hip sneakers. Due to the economic crisis in 2008, the rapid success was only slowed down for a short time. For 3 years Jason Maggio ran the company out of his own house, without an office. The caps were stored in the garage.

OFFICIAL regards its headwear as a crown

However, quality and creativity prevail: From a 280 m² warehouse in Sacramento, the fresh styles are sent out to the world today. Celebrities and pioneers in subculture – from Lil' Wayne to Brian Anderson and Matt Miller to A-Trak – love the stuff of Official. Our own skate team is now also part of the fire. And none other than skate legend Stefan Janoski was one of the first official signings. It goes without saying that he brought many of his own ideas into the collections. This ensures that Official will continue to design exciting headwear and be at the forefront of style. Founder Jason Maggio says, "You have to have confidence in that what you're doing is dope and will stand on its own... we just have to be that solid headwear brand." Official definitely has the self-confidence and the products speak for themselves.

Official products in first class quality and at correct prices

>>> mehr InfoAt you can get Official products in different styles and in trendy colours. They are available at reasonable prices. Just let yourself be inspired by our range of hats and caps. Of course, you will also find Snapback Caps.

The Official products in our range are produced exclusively according to the high standards of the brand. Not only with regard to the materials used, but also with regard to the workmanship, the caps and hats are of excellent quality. As we consider quality of the utmost importance and because we’re committed to providing our customers with only the best, we do not compromise on our quality standards.

Profit from an extensive service guarantees to offer you high-quality clothing. Nevertheless, we offer you reasonable prices. For example, you can check out our items that are on sale. You also benefit from our excellent customer service when purchasing Official products in our online shop. Per E-Mail we are always available to answer your questions.

You will receive your delivery within 3 to 4 working days

Pay comfortably within 3 to 4 working daysh2>In order to contribute to your flexibility, there are various payment methods. Order high quality products and pay for them with PayPal as many of our customers do. Furthermore, you can pay all Official products with Visa or MasterCard . In addition, prepayment is optional.