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Osiris Shoes @KICKZ

Founded by five friends Tony Chen, Brian Reid, Laura Kim, Tony Magnusson and Doug Weston in 1996, Osiris Shoes has been bringing us some of the coolest shoes in skating for two decades now. Originally they set out to make shoes with a difference because they felt what was on offer at that time did not combine comfort and design with endorsements and sponsorships. Now Osiris Shoes has grown to become one of the leaders of the skate shoe industry and has many skaters in its team.

Cutting edge design and technology

Osiris Shoes have always looked cool and now have come to feature innovations which add to their comfort. With its patented Airbag technology, many Osiris shoes provide extra comfort with a cushioned heel. Other advancements include a Super Grip patented technology which ensures you remain attached to your skateboard when trying out new tricks. Certainly these features are just a part of the reason Osiris Shoes has been able to sign such skaters as Corey Duffel, Taylor Bingaman, Lee Yankou or Josh Rodriguez to name but a few. All these skaters have different styles but have been united by quality footwear which doesn’t just innovate but also looks great with the freshest designs.