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Pink Dolphin Clothing @KICKZ

With a vision to create something worth talking about and not just any old brand, Pink Dolphin was founded in LA in 2008. That's why, since the very first product line all Pink Dolphin clothing has been greatly limited in supply. Once a product has sold out, there is basically no chance of it being reprinted. Pink Dolphin wants to ensure that they do not have a flood of similar looking items. A pretty bold move for a newcomer, but they have been proved right by the success which they have already achieved. It is a definite advantage that with Pink Dolphin clothing you can be almost certain to be wearing something original and unique, and this is certainly the attitude of the happy fans of Pink Dolphin.

Positive philosophy behind all products

Chris Brown and Mac Miller are two celebs who are already support Pink Dolphin. Now the brand has finally made its way across the pond and is gaining a following in Europe. Pink Dolphin clothing embodies an incredibly positive outlook on life which is not just because of the creativity and high quality of their products but also in the pride behind their motto: 'Legends at our craft'. It should also encourage other people to enable their inner power and to believe in themselves. Because the positive message that Pink Dolphin wants to pass on to its fans along the way is this: 'Remember; we are all legends at our craft'.