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Pleasures by KICKZ

The label PLEASURES was founded in 2015 by Alex James. PLEASURES is a Los Angeles-based streetwear label, influenced by the grunge, metal and punk scene with a product range including T-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, caps, bags and more. PLEASURES prints, colours and cuts are striking and make statements – whether it’s a cap with "Digital Pleasures" printed across it or the controversial shirt with Kurt Cobain's suicide note. PLEASURES is also very popular among stars: for example, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner, G-Dragon and Keith Ape sport the streetwear on the regular. James draws inspiration for his designs from the brand's hometown, Los Angeles. In general, the prints often reflect James' admiration for his childhood heroes and idols, which also applies to the Cobain shirt. If you value comfortable streetwear that is simultaneously stylish, PLEASURES is the right choice for you - whether you're meeting your friends or skating in the park. At you’ll find a large selection of clothes and caps from PLEASURES.