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Puma by KICKZ

Puma is known for its approach to lifestyle and innovative ideas, and has been at the top of the sportswear game for years. Its story began with a pair of shoes made by the two brothers, Adi and Rudolf Dassler in their mother’s washhouse back in 1924. Full of enthusiasm, they developed sports shoes tailored exactly to the requirements of their athletes. Their first big success came as early as 1936 when Jesse Owens, wearing trainers made by the brothers, won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin. However, a few years later the brothers went their separate ways. Adi founded the brand Adidas, and in 1948, Rudolf Dassler founded Puma which came to be known for its success in manufacturing football boots. Later, Puma added track shoes, basketball shoes and leisure shoes to its range.

Puma - Lifestyle trainers for the world

At the end of the 1990s, the company laid the groundwork for the new millennium. Puma was the first sports equipment manufacturer to work with a fashion designer. And it was none other than Jil Sander. Since then, the brand has been known not only for its high-quality sports shoes, but also for luxurious lifestyle and ultra-modern trainers. Their designers are always reinventing successful sport shoe models from the 60s and 70s. Retro trainers, such as the Puma Clyde and Suede Classic have now become undisputed classics – for men as well as for women and children. At KICKZ, not only can you buy shoes by Puma, but also cool sportswear with clean lines.