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Reebok – a brand with significant history

Reebok is one of the oldest British sporting goods companies, and has always stood for high quality and continued innovation. The Reebok company was founded as a family business in 1895 by Joseph Foster and was named "J.W. Foster and Sons”. Foster recognised the growing need for sports shoes and soon his running shoes were sold across the United Kingdom, even being favoured by British athletes in the 1924 Olympic Games. In 1958 two grandsons of Foster renamed the company Reebok.

Reebok – I am what I am

The global popularity of the Reebok brand began in 1982, when the first women’s shoes for aerobics, "Freestyle” and "Princess”, were released. With them, Reebok created a new niche market - sports shoes for women, which were suitable for use both in the gym and in the daily life. These shoes were not only functional, but also looked stylish, increasing their demand. Nowadays Reebok produces not only sports shoes, but also apparel and accessories. All of their products are famous for first-class quality, captivating design and aestethic models and styles. "I am what I am” – according to Reebok’s slogan, now is the right time to discover who you really are.