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Reebok Sale @KICKZ

Reebok is one of the most classic names in sporting and street style. As a tribute to this iconic brand we are offering a huge range of Reebok sale items with great discounts. Take a look at our range of men’s and women’s trainers for both sport and casualwear as well as a handful of other items from the collection.
Reebok’s old-school style will always have that retro sport look, something which is by no means an accident. The brand first made it big when Paul Fireman took the company to the States in 1978. Within three years of introducing the brand, he had helped them raise an incredible $1.5 million in states. Since then, Reebok have stayed true to their roots while constantly updating the tech behind their trainers.
Over the years, Reebok have always been a trendsetting brand. That doesn’t just count in sport – in fact it’s hard to think of a 90s without this iconic brand. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find the right kicks in our Reebok sale.

Classic trainers in the KICKZ Reebok sale

Our Reebok sale is built of both classic and contemporary models from one of the world’s most influential shoe makers. To understand why and how Reebok made such big waves in the world of trainers, it’s important to know a little about this giant’s rise to power. Here’s a quick history of Reebok:

- The company all started out in Bolton, England in 1880 when Joseph Foster had the brilliant idea of adding spikes to sport shoes. These old-fashioned studs were a hit with athletes and were even taken on by the British running team in the Olympics.

- Fast forward about 100 years – Paul Fireman, an American businessman found Reebok at a trade fair and decided to take the company over to America. Before long he had achieved incredible success.

- Reebok were one of the first, if not the first company to release a line of shoes aimed entirely at women, the Reebok Freestyle.

- Next they managed to dominate the basketball scene with shoes like the Reebok Pump. At one point, around 100 NBA starts could be seen sporting a pair of Reeboks on the court.

Help celebrate this iconic brand and save some money while you’re at it. Check out the Reebok sale for fresh kicks at tiny prices.