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Reebok Shoes @KICKZ

Reebok is a sporting goods company with a long and grand history of producing footwear. In 1895 the family business J.W. Fosters was founded in Bolton in order to make shoes for athletes who were determined to go faster. The summer Olympics of 1924 were a highlight for the family business, as its shoes were worn by the athletes there. In 1958 Joe and Jeff Foster, two of the founder’s grandsons, created the daughter company, Reebok. Named after an African antelope, the name stands for the speed, style and grace that you can get wearing Reebok shoes.

Reebok shoes – from sporty to casual

The growth of the brand was slow until 1979 when business Paul Fireman got on board. He some promise in the brand and introduced the shoes to America. Becoming popular was in the US was just the first step and in 1982 Reebok took the bold step of producing the first women’s athletic shoe. Fast forward to the end of the 80s, early 90s and Reebok shoes had made their way into basketball. As always with this brand, it secured huge success thanks to sponsorship deals with such stars as Dee Brown, or later Allen Iverson and Yao Ming to name just a few. Reebok shoes are now owned by Nike by continue to produce innovative and individual styles.