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Rocksmith Clothing @KICKZ

Rocksmith connects the styles of the two great metropolises New York and Tokyo. The fashion label was founded in Tokyo in 2002 however it does not just draw on the Japanese capital for inspiration for its Rocksmith clothing as well as its others accessories. Time and again, the designers also descend upon the streets of New York to track down the latest fashion trends. There they discover the latest influences from the graffiti and hip-hop scenes. The explosive mixture that results therefrom ensures that the brand is always capable of surprises. The designs from Rocksmith are impressive with bold prints and striking effects, which you can see for example throughout Rocksmith clothing. It’s a style that knows no understatement.

New York and Tokyo characterise the style

The Rocksmith designers do away with gimmicky designs and focus on clear cut styles. As a result the clothes are always a good fit and very comfy. The brand places a particular importance on the materials, which are always of the highest quality. Rocksmith clothing is made from only carefully selected materials. By combining quality with individual style, the brand has made the leap to one of the best streetwear brands around. The Rocksmith clothing style seems to remain particularly popular with graffiti artists, break-dancers and hip-hop artists.