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Welcome to the fam, ROKIT!

Skateboard & Basketball. Pavement meets blacktop. What was once thought of as a turf war is brought together under the roof of Los Angeles based streetwear label ROKIT.

With the best of each subculture implemented into the ROKIT lifestyle the brand has successfully crossed over between action sports and fashion and fused the seemingly very different cultures of skateboarding and basketball together.

Step off the deck, step onto the court. And vice versa.

ROKIT: Contemporary Streetwear from L.A.

You have heard of ROKIT? Not bad. After all, the up-and-coming streetwear label is considered a new insider tip among connoisseurs. Hip and from Los Angeles, ROKIT combines the love of basketball and skating in a unique style. Even if this combination may seem a little strange at first glance: it works! Not just that: it works pretty well. ROKIT has created a very own, modern and aesthetic style that is truly unmistakable. The pieces are bold and classic at the same time. And as befits a streetwear label, they radiate the ultimate in casualness. Typical elements are large prints, clear colours and sporty cuts. The ROKIT design is also influenced by old school elements of basketball and the skate scene from a time when these were still part of the subculture. In addition to constantly new collections, ROKIT also regularly inspires us with limited editions and exciting collaborations.

ROKIT merges basketball and skate style

>>> mehr InfoROKIT was founded in 2016 in L.A. by Nico Guardalabene, Bam Barcena and his brother Ryan aka "Rionism". The three individualists had a vision for ROKIT: They wanted to build a bridge between basketball and skating. Because both sports were born on the street and embody individuality, nonchalance and the love for the sport. And although the two street sports have always coexisted, no one has ever brought them together. Until now. ROKIT began its first collection with a homage to the film "The Streets of New York". Since then, the brand has remained true to its unique style. But don't let the relaxed vibe fool you: Despite its nonchalance, the brand produces high quality parts with premium fabrics and craftsmanship. With ROKIT, a new streetwear label has taken to the streets that will soon be indispensable.