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Rucker Park

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Rucker Park @KICKZ

Rucker Park, located at 155th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard, is the mecca for all streetball players. In 1946, Holcombe Rucker, a Harlem school teacher, held the first Summertime Rucker Tournament. With the goal of providing underprivileged kids with a way to stay off the streets and a sense of direction, the tournament was a huge success and soon expanded to after school programs. As it continued to gain support from the public, in 1950 a pro division was formed, allowing professional basketball players to contribute their time and skills. The clothing brand Rucker Park was created with the vision of representing the history of these courts and their impact on the both the community and ballers.

Rucker Park - Harlem royalty

Starting with a few t-shirts printed with their over-sized logo, the brand soon expanded to include all basketball apparel. Now representing the core lifestyle of streetball, Rucker Park produces sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, flat caps, basketball shorts and more. Using simple but bold designs, Rucker Park clothing has become as iconic in basketball and the courts it is named after. At KICKZ, we feature a range of Rucker Park collections, a streetwear brand with rich traditions and an even richer future.