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Scarves and gloves

Scarves and gloves are ideal for ball games in the winter when the nights are cold. When your body temperature falls, it concentrates on keeping your torso warm; however, a by-product of this internal heating is that your extremities start to cool down faster. Wearing thick, decent scarves and gloves is the best way to fight off the cold while looking good.

There’s nothing worse than stubbing your finger on a ball in a frozen court but wearing things like scarves and gloves can help prevent a number of other things more serious than a bruised finger. When playing sport in the cold, or going out into the cold, your body is much warmer than the surrounding air, this leaves you out in the open ready to catch a cold or virus. Cooling down straight after sport also causes pulled muscles, simply wearing the right clothing helps your body cool down slower and prevents this kind of sporting injury.

From allowing your heart rate to slow more gradually to preventing dizziness – the list of benefits to doing something simply like donning scarves and gloves is endless. Check out KICKZ’ collection to keep warm during those cold games of ball.
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