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Sergio Tacchini

63 results

Sergio Tacchini by KICKZ

Sergio Tacchini is a sportswear brand from Italy founded in 1966. Initially, the brand went by the name of Sandys, which changed soon after the company was founded: the brand was named after the founder Sergio Tacchini, an Italian tennis player. It quickly established itself in the world of sport as a high-quality sportswear supplier, especially in tennis. The Sergio Tacchini brand was known at the time for its colourful sportswear, which was quite unusual in the 1970s. A decade later, the fashion label Sergio Tacchini decided to expand its range of tennis equipment and offer equipment for the entire family. A further milestone in the history of Sergio Tacchini was the expansion of the range to include other sports - for example motor sports in Formula 1. Racing drivers such as Ayrton Senna were thus able to benefit from Serio Tacchini’s Formula 1 sportswear and equipment.

Order Sportswear from Sergio Tacchini at KICKZ

>>> mehr InfoToday Sergio Tacchini is still a successful sports brand. In addition to tennis clothing, the brand also offers sporty casual fashion for young and old as well as caps and other accessories. At our KICKZ Online Shop, casual athletes with style can find not only shirts and crewnecks, but also shorts and training jackets from Sergio Tacchini.