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Shorts and bermudas at KICKZ

The shorts you see in basketball, other sports and shorts that you wear to escape the heat are inextricably linked. Not only do the fashions on the court, pitch or track dictate fashions on the street, but the same happens vice versa in a kind of cat and mouse game.

It all started in around the beginning on the 1900s where long shorts, almost like three quarter lengths were the norm. In the 1920s/1930s, heavy cotton materials were replaced with polyester and nylon and were replaced by a smaller cut. Over time, basketball shorts continued to decrease in size until 1984 where Michael Jordan asked for longer shorts. This sparked a massive change in basketball uniforms and the sport started seemingly emulating hip-hop.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to say that all shorts have been influenced solely by basketball – surfing and skateboarding has obviously had a massive effect on the style of those short trousers, even creating their own unique styles. Whatever the style or sport, KICKZ has you covered. Check out our range of Nike sport shorts, Champion Bermudas, Obey City Shorts, K1X board shorts and everything in between.
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