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Best skate shoes

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport and skate shoes aren’t just a fashion item. All together it represents a really cool way to get from one place to another, an attitude towards life and a statement of a whole generation. Surfers from the US invented skateboarding when they were trying to find an alternative to surfing, when there were no waves. People were in need of the equipment for this new, hip sport and soon an industry evolved. Skate shoes are the most crucial gear, they forge a unity and connect the skater and his board.

Skate shoes for everyone

You can easily find the best and newest skate shoes on When selecting our products we insist on quality, so you can deliver your best performance. Kickflips, heelflips and hardflips - for skateboarders there seems to be no limit with the right gear. We know: with KICKZ skate shoes everybody can become a pro. The most important thing is to have maximum traction on your board, but it also has been important since the beginning of the skating movement that the outfit looks trendy and stylish. We are happy to offer you the highest quality, so you can deliver your best performance on the street, in the skatepark or wherever you want.
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