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Southpole Clothing @KICKZ

Southpole was founded in 1991 by the two brothers David and Kenny Khym, who emigrated from Korea to the USA in the late 1970s. Just as the two brothers grew up in Brooklyn, the brand also stems from New York where the ever changing street styles influenced the two young men. These ideas were interpreted by the two and led to everything that you now see in Southpole clothing. Its range would best be described as basic but essential streetwear which can form a part of any outfit.

American street culture reinterpreted

Over its 25 year Southpole clothing has had some legendary items such as the puffy ‘bubble’ jacket and 4180 relaxed fit denim pants, which in turn influenced other brands and fashions. Southpole clothing’s development over time is clear and the brand has steadily branched out into offering more products for different target groups. The smart running of the brand was recognized in 2004 by Ernst & Young when David Khym was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year, an award also collected by the founders of Google and Amazon. And just in case you wondering where the name Southpole clothing comes from, it was named in honour of the first Korean explorers to successfully reach the South Pole.