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SSUR Clothing @KICKZ

There’s a new kid on the hip hop and streetwear scene. SSUR are also undoubtedly a new creative force to be reckoned with. The founder behind the brand is Ruslan Karablin, who grew up in Brooklyn but originally came from Ukraine. Growing up in Brooklyn he soon came into contact with the street culture which inspired him to become an artist. He decided to name his brand after his own name, however written back to front. At first his work was restricted to some shirt designs, influenced by imperial art and Keith Haring, but the number of items of SSUR clothing keeps on growing. Eventually this streetwear brand that gets under your skin, was able to create a full assortment.

Streetwear inspired by New York

Ruslan Karablin is primarily concerned with creating fashion that which is filled with ideas and meaning. So behind every design of SSUR clothing there lies a meaning, an image or a thought. Characteristically, SSUR clothing is dominated by black as the base colour with striking designs on top of that. A white base colour however is also not uncommon. Russ's hometown New York City often also features prominently. We recommend SSUR clothing to anyone who wants to beef up their wardrobe with some real stylish items, which aren't too flashy.