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Staple Clothing @KICKZ

The success story of Staple begins in 1997 when the design student Jeff Ng aka jeffstaple started making screen printed t-shirts by hand. He got his first job when he was wearing one of his own shirts on a visit to the Triple Five Soul Boutique in New York and was asked about it by the manager. Staple was gradually seen more and more around the city with its Staple clothing amongst other products and grew organically. In 2005 jeffstaple was hired by Nike to design a strictly limited edition of the Dunk Pro SB with the sole instruction that it should represent the city of New York.

The logo that symbolises New York

Staple created the pigeon logo and stuck it on the heel of the shoe. The pigeon represents the unvarnished reality and boundless energy that characterises the typical New Yorker and other urban city dwellers. The pigeon can be found as a print on many items of the Staple clothing collection. In fact it has now become the trademark of Staple clothing. At the exclusive launch of the Dunk Pro SB Pigeon, the crowd was so large that the police had to get involved and the ensuing riots even made it to the front page of the New York Post. Escape this stress and order your favourite Staple clothing online with us today from the comfort of your own house!