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We'll get you outfitted with bang-up stuff!

Small bits and bobs for everyday life are a pleasant reason to shop. Great calibre headphones or Bluetooth speakers, for example, are something you should definitely have at home. Searching for a fellow's anniversary present or possibly a lovely bounty for yourself? Well, we promise you're done hunting for cool stuff because we have everything this and a lot more in this section. A great deal of hip stuff is waiting for you. You've got several categories all combined on this page! Check it out now!

Looking for awesome basketball accessories?

You know our special field is basketball and streetwear. Well, here's a chunk of of extra stuff you might wish for! Shoe finishing will make you glow on the sports field as well as on the street. Succeed in your match with the right basketball! And after a long training you might wish to loosen up with interesting page-turners and mags. Another must is a high calibre sports bag for you! Rucksacks for day-to-day life are incredibly practical and voguish at the same time. This list could continue for a long time! Have a look and check out this impressive collection to find your favoured basketball accessories here!

Stuff with high quality standards

>>> mehr InfoYou can be assured, that only materials of highest quality are used to produce anything we offer online. At KICKZ you benefit from the best quality, guaranteed by the brand manufacturers. So with us you don't just shop at good prices, you shop well. We don't compromise on quality, which in turn should assure you in your shopping. 

Exceptional service

Our online shop mainly offers streetwear, but we also have the relevant accessories in the Stuff department. If you have questions about a product, we will gladly assist via email. When you contact us, we'll do our best to reply within 24 hours. You may also find answers amongst our FAQs, where all the important questions and answers are listed.

Normally our delivery time for Stuff products is between one to six work days. Reason for this is that delivery is made from different warehouses. As long as you live in Germany, shipping is for free. If you find that you don't like what was delivered, you may return the goods to us for free as well, but we do of course hope that you will like them very much.

Shop online using various payment methods

With every product that you order through our online shop, KICKZ offers excellent service. If you want to order online, you can take advantage of the flexible payment options. You can easily pay by credit card, we accept Visa and MasterCard. The very convenient way of paying via PayPal is also quick and easy, which is why more and more customers go for this option.