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Stussy Clothing @KICKZ

The founder Shawn Stussy’s signature is an ever present symbol on Stussy clothing, as over time it has developed to become Stüssy’s logo. The surfer from California’s Laguna Beach first started making his own surf boards at the end of the 1970s. He also produced t-shirts with his signature prominently placed in order to create more brand awareness. They became a bestseller and in 1984 Stussy founded the eponymous fashion label along with Frank Sinatra Jr., which today produces a whole range of Stussy clothing. Initially they sold their products out of the back of pick-up trucks and after four years, they opened their first store in New York.

Streetwear with a modern design

It was not long before Stüssy offered a wide range of products. Stussy clothing today represents much more than just your average streetwear brand and has a significant surfer influence. It was not long before the store in SoHo was discovered by DJs who liked this fresh style. The prints are always in bright colours with striking designs. The design ideas stem as much from graffiti and comic style as they do from the surfer world. Essentially the designers go for a clean look without too many details which shines through in all Stussy clothing. Stüssy has developed a very unique style that has firmly established itself within urban clothing and represents individuality.