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Founded in 1860, Sunspel is a British clothing company all about heritage and tradition. And even though those two words are used by every other brand today to describe their history, there is something unique about Sunspel and their manufacturing philosophy when it comes to t-shirts, sweaters, shorts and many other products.

Sunspel clothes are all handmade, designed with exceptional care and attention to detail. As one of the oldest manufacturers of t-shirts, knitwear and luxury underwear for men and women, they have always put great effort into making their products soft, lightweight and as comfortable as possible.

In fact, the comfort level of Sunspel clothing is unparalleled and British royalty as well as famous actors and musicians have long since made it their brand of choice. Some would even go so far as to say that Sunspel makes the most comfortable t-shirts in the world.

However, Sunspel clothing not only feels great. They have an understated elegance and sophistication in each of their pieces seldom seen in casual wear. The fabrics used are of the highest quality and extremely long-lasting due to their refusal to cut any corners in their manufacturing process.

With a history spanning over more than 150 years, Sunspel is still one of the most prestigious and timeless brands today, stylish and above all uncompromising in their tradition of everlasting excellence.

Sunspel – timeless elegance @KICKZ

Those who value top quality and uniqueness will not be able to avoid Sunspel. Since 1822, the label has been producing stylish hand-made clothing with the greatest care. Sunspel goes back to the time of industrialisation and has certainly changed its production since then, but never its quality standards. Only the best materials are used for production: from fine wool to soft knitwear and high-quality jersey. No wonder Daniel Craig was dressed for his role as James Bond in Sunspel. After all, the world's most famous secret agent is the epitome of timeless elegance.

Sunspel and boxer shorts

In the early years, the brand focused on the production of T-shirts and was one of the first T-shirt producers in the world. In 1947, Sunspel launched a no less well-known garment on the British market: boxer shorts. In the meantime, however, the brand also makes clothing for women and children, and works with fine materials and great attention to detail in this as well. Luckily, everyone can now enjoy the luxurious Sunspel clothing.