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Superga @KICKZ

Superga are colorful linen shoes made in Italy. The brand was founded in 1911 by Walter Martiny in Turin. At that time, Martiny was one of the first producers of lightweight textile sneakers with a vulcanized sole. In this process, the sole is not simply joined to the rest of the shoe by a seam, but is rather glued on when heated, so to speak. This increases the stability of the sneakers enormously, at the time of its first creation, was a small technical revolution. The fabric shoes found many admirers, especially in the warm summer months, and were popular on promenades and along the beach in the 1920s.

Superga – timeless canvas sneakers

The timeless, beautiful design of the Superga shoes for women and men continues today: Simple cuts and the characteristic canvas material determine the collections. Occasionally, models made of other materials, such as leather, are also created. The colour palette has been significantly expanded over time: At first, the linen shoes were only available in simple Colorways, like black and white. Gradually, however, more unusual colours such as turquoise or purple were added. In 2011, Superga celebrates its 100th anniversary – but the brand is certainly not dusty. This can be noted in the high level of attention that the brand enjoys: Magazines such as Vogue or Oprah regularly report on the latest Superga shoes.

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