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Supra @KICKZ

Founded in 2006, Supra began as an ‘underground idea’ shared by five passionate people. That idea soon developed into one of the most well recognised skateboarding brands today. Partnering closely with legendary skaters Chad Muska and Erik Ellington, Supra designed footwear and other apparel for dedicated skaters and their hardcore fans. Since its creation nearly ten years ago, Supra has put out signature shoes from team riders such as Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams and of course Muska and Ellington.

Supra - Always on the run

Supra is well known for their innovative styles and highly functional designs. Created by skaters for skaters, their footwear features Suprafoam insoles, padding around the ankles, vulcanized soles and thick tongues and laces - all specially designed to withstand boarding wear and tear. These features not only make high quality, durable shoes, they allow the wearer (and rider) more support and flexibility, perfect for trying to nail new tricks. At KICKZ, we feature a wide range of Supra products, including their men’s, women’s and kid’s collections. With vibrant colourways, inventive patterns and modern designs, Supra has something to suit every skater. Like their logo suggests, they are the kings of the half pipe.