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Supra shoes – above and beyond @KICKZ

Supra was started by Angel Cabada in Southern California after he left the clothing company TSA. The name Supra is Latin for "above and beyond” – a fitting name for a company that aims to escape the norm and be completely unique in what they provide. The first men’s shoes to come from Supra were the Skytops which, although initially scoffed at, quickly got adopted by a host of skateboarders and musicians.

Starting life in 2006, Angel Cabada’s brand, Supra has grown into one of the industry’s most successful lines of skate shoes and skate related clothing. The ideology of Supra stems from the ambition to create shoes that are perfect for skating but remain simple and understated.

The skating legends behind Supra shoes

Supra blends music with skateboarding to create a perfect hybrid of street style. With skating legends like Chad Muska and Erik Ellington acting as billboards for the brand, it’s not surprise that Supra is so ingrained into skating. Meanwhile, heavyweights like Lil Wayne and Steve Aoki have had a similar impact on the music industry.