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The Hundreds Clothing @KICKZ

The Hundreds has taken the streetwear industry by storm which is perhaps the reason that the brand is so volatile. Such an introduction is very fitting for a brand whose characteristic style could be described as ‘loud’. You can expect unusual prints and striking colours from the range of The Hundreds clothing. The Hundreds has duly made the two founders millionaires and has acquired many friends on its way to success. It was in 2003 that Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar designed their first t-shirts and founded The Hundreds. Neither of them had even studied design or anything particularly creative. In fact they knew each other from law school, where they sat next to each other and were amongst the best students in their year. Since then they have go on to be recognised as some of the top designers on the planet and have been awarded several prizes.

The Hundreds clothing and accessories of all kinds

After graduating Kim and Shenassafar did not just want to sit in an office all day, but rather build something of their own. With The Hundreds clothing they now produce a whole range of items for many different tastes. The brand stands out in the competitive market with a simple yet ingenious design. The triumph of the brand from LA looks set to continue as The Hundreds clothing has already firmly established itself as a favourite for many.