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The North Face Sale @KICKZ

You’d think that a brand named after the coldest side of the mountain, and that has a history steeped in skiing would probably have started somewhere cold. You’d be forgiven for thinking The North Face had its origins in a country like Canada or maybe even Scotland, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The North Face started life only 150 feet above sea level in San Francisco’s North Beach neighbourhood. Soon after they started, The North Face began funding expeditions to some of the hardest to reach corners of the planet and came up with their own mantra: "never stop exploring”.

Never Stop Exploring

The North Face sale items at KICKZ are designed to help everyone realise their outdoor goals, no matter how extreme. By offering a range of items such as ultra-light, padded jackets and the highest quality outdoor boots, KICKZ aim to make the great outdoors a little easier to conquer. Starting out as a small ski and backpacker outlet, The North Face quickly became one of the most influential outdoor clothing brands. With a range of weather-resistant, functional clothing as well as shoes, tents and bags, The North Face provides the right gear for almost every outdoor activity.

Outdoor wear at our The North Face sale

The North Face sale at KICKZ is built for those amongst us that love adventure. Named after the coldest side of the mountain, The North Face is designed to stand up to the harshest temperatures and the coldest climates. Premium performance clothing normally comes at a premium cost but at KICKZ we think the great outdoors should be open for anyone that wants to explore it.

Check out our range of The North Face Sale gear and see where you’re inspired to explore next. We stock a range of items such as padded coats to keep you warm no matter what the conditions. Keep an eye out for The North Face boots in the KICKZ Sale as the world-renowned shoes are sure to walk off the shelves.