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Timberland Sale @KICKZ

The KICKZ Timberland sale brings decades of history from the famous yellow boots at great prices. When Timberland boots were first launched in the 1970s, they were advertised as being hard-wearing, waterproof work boots. They were aimed at hard-working New Englanders who did tough jobs in poor weather, but soon they became a fashion sensation that no one expected.
Although everyone thought it was ridiculous, Timberland made the massive decision to emblazon their boots with external branding. This was at a stage before most main brands had even made it to America and was at first deemed a decision that would put customers off. That was not the case. In fact, this was the real start to one of the world’s most recognisable shoes.
The look spread through Asia and Europe but always held its place for the workers of the US. Throughout the 90s, the boots took an unexpected journey into hip-hop, a legacy that can still be seen on the feet of the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West. Whatever the reason, Timberland boots went from being a worker’s staple to being one of the biggest and most unlikely fashion items of the last 50 years.

The Famous Yellow Boots by Timberland - Sale

You can expect to find those famous yellow boots in the KICKZ Timberland sale, but you’ll also find a whole lot more. Men’s, women’s and children’s boots come in a range of prices all at great discount prices. To celebrate this great sale, here’s a short history about how the famous boots got their reputation:

Timberland started out at The Abington Shoe Company and found its first major successes after utilising injection-moulding, a process that made their boots almost completely waterproof. During the 70s, Timberland was visited by an Italian businessman who unexpectedly started the Timberland revolution in Europe. This Italian gentleman bought and sold the boots in massive quantities in Italy and started a cultural movement with Timberland at the centre. From this point the boots spread across the planet and inspired cultural movements from Asia to Europe.
Find your own piece of fashion history at the KICKZ Timberland sale now!