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Multifunctional trainers @KICKZ

A perfect outfit can make you feel confident, but most of all it is important for sports. Jogging in the morning time or hitting the gym - regardless what you like more, a proper footwear will make your workout 100% productive and comfortable. Not only professional athletes, but also ordinary people can benefit from wearing sport-specific sneakers, like basketball or skater shoes. Remember that using the correct trainers is super important for running. Jogging trainers can prevent injuries: pick a pair today! Our online shop is the right destination for all types of sports shoes that can be found on the Internet.

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Trainers were originally designed for fitness activities, but now they belong not only to the gym and are having a moment in fashion! The finest sports shoes can be manufactured of leather or synthetic material: either way your pair will be light and breathable. Trendy trainers matched with summer casual clothes can be the right dose of fitness in everyday life. Trainers can be worn with practically anything: sporty trends inspire us to try on relaxed and comfortable outfits. Do not hesitate and check out the wide selection of trainers from famous brands in our online shop!

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>>> mehr InfoWe offer sneakers in the sizes 17 to 52 1/2 and as One Size shoe in almost every colour. You can get these in the price range from about EUR 13 to 220. We have sneakers for everyone - men, women and children. All sneakers offered in our range are produced by renowned manufacturers. Our products are of excellent quality when it comes to materials as well as workmanship. We have high standards of quality and don't compromise, because for us it's important that you only get the best from us.

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First and foremost, we offer streetwear at our online shop. Our sneakers are a part thereof. We'll gladly assist via email, if you have any questions about a product. When you contact us, we try to reply within 24 hours, but you can maybe find some answers in our FAQ section already.

We stick to delivery periods of one to six work days, for you to get your sneakers as soon as possible. How long it will take for your order to reach you will depend on which – warehouse we send the goods from. By the way, delivery within Germany is for free. So your ordering just got cheaper. And returns? Won't cost you a penny either.

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You can rely on excellent service – in terms of available payment options – when you decide to shop at You can conveniently pay for sneakers online, by credit card or PayPal. We accept Visa or MasterCard. Advance payment is also an option. It's totally up to you, how you would like to pay for your sneakers.