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An all -rounder in your wardrobe: trousers!

Since it was too impractical to ride a horse in a skirt back in time, people started wearing trousers. Did you know? Practical, comfortable and voguish at the same time - this wear does it all! For men, trousers have been a basic item of clothing since the Middle Ages while women have been wearing them regularly only since the 20th century. Nowadays, a closet without trousers is unthinkable.

Sports trousers in all styles, for all likings

Today, trousers are real all -rounders. Pants, as North Americans and Australians call them, are right for every occasion, every lifestyle and every body type. Sports trousers can be found in diverse cuts, colourings, designs, materials and styles in our online store. Do you look for a modern style with skinny trousers, an easygoing day-to-day look with jeans or more of a formal style with cuffed and folded trousers? You can observe various designs in our web shop - loose-fitting or tight, straight or boot cut. Whichever feels most comfy and fits you best - you select yours! Remember why we started putting on trousers in the first place - comfortableness!
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